Sri Sivananda Balalaya is the Brain Child Ms. K.G. Meenakshi an educationist who strongly believed in the following 4 cardinal principals of “Education to All”’ “Stress Free Education”, Value Based Education and Holistic Education.
Sri Sivananda Balalaya as it is fondly called is an unique experiment where education is not denoyed to any child seeking education, be it Normal Children, Differently Abled Children Transgender or School Dropouts. We call it the Inclusive Education where children of all categories study together in harmony with great tolerance empathy and compassion for one another. We have carefully designed the programme that is carried out in a very child friendly atmosphere. Innovations in curriculum design classroom teaching and evaluation are the special features of the school.
Morning Assembly
The School devotes 20 minutes for the morning assembly. Monday Assembly is a common assembly for the whole school. The Teacher-on-duty hoists the National Flag. The Principal addresses the school. On other days, students are allocated for assembly-in-class which includes all religious prayer, a couplet from Thirukural with meaning, the days NEWS and warm-up exercises. The children are given opportunities to develop confidence and competence by performing in assemblies.
The evaluation of students is done on the basis of unit tests, Terminal examinations and Internal Assessments. There is no system of ranking the students based on academic performance in classes upto class 4. We cater to Worksheet pattern of education. Today’s children are living in a technologically competitive world. An independent learner doesn’t mean going to the internet to find the answer or going on to the school library bookshelves to find a book that the school librarian has referred. The child shows skill far above a regular Google search. Information literacy is the skill to find, evaluate, use and give credit to information and that is practiced in our school.
To improve Reading habit, the students are allowed to borrow books from the library for attaining competency. It comprises of nearly 8000 books catering to the various subjects. Books are issued for a fortnight. Library becomes the whirlpool of students when they prepare for the interschool competitions. Teachers have access to relevant curricular information and professional development materials, and opportunities to co-operatively plan, implement and evaluate learning programmes.
We respect every child as an individual at SSB. We feel that the child is merely not a pot to fill in but a plant to tend and nurture. Hence lot of learning activities like seminars, projects, presentations, discussions, brain storming sessions etc are organized to make learning interesting and effective.
Computer Lab: The main objective of computer lab is to enrich the students’ programming skill, to enhance their logical thinking and to have a complete knowledge about the system and packages which is the part of their curriculum. We have fully equipped computer labs with enough systems and required software to enhance and hone the technological skills
Information Technology (IT): An IT programme in collaboration with Bharadhidasan University has been introduced to create a new path in school education for skill based learning in IT for children of class 5 to 10. It is also being introduced as the 6th subject in CBSE from the year 2018 – 2019.
Science Lab: Students are exposed to chemical reactions and experiment procedures. Students are made aware of the importance of following instructions while handling chemicals and apparatus. Regular practical classes are conducted. Students not only observe but also practice doing the experiments. Guidance is provided at every step to achieve the required results by continuous internal assessments.
Laboratory facilities provide students with valuable hands-on experience with new and frequently upgraded equipments. The laboratory reinforces the knowledge acquired in the theory class by emphasizing on the fundamental concepts of Science subjects.
Value Education: All the students of Sri Sivananda Balalaya have Value Education classes once a week. Teachers discuss the importance of values in life & the challenges encountered in implementing these values in day-to-day interactions. Parents may help in ensuring that the values are followed at home and by giving feedbacks promptly whenever feedback is requested.
Yoga Sessions :The students learn yoga to achieve the integrated growth of mind, self – management of behavior, thought and attitude. This also helps students to develop a disciplined and wholesome personality.
Activity Day: Every Saturday is a activity day, a day sans academics, a day to energize and relax the children. The day includes the activities of Swachh bharat- village visits, value education, Theme Display, club activities and indoor and outdoor games.
Under the Swachch Bharat scheme students of our school plant saplings in and around the school and visit villages to spread the importance of our Prime Minister’s scheme. They gain practical knowledge of the lifestyle of the villagers, their basic needs and socio-economic problems. Thus creating social awareness
Kids Lab: Our unique feature is the KIDS LABORATORY to promote scientific fervor in the young minds. We have included life skills & value Education to give the children an insight into the rich culture of India. A session on Robotics has been introduced to trigger the scientific temperament of the children.