CEO Message

Sri Sivananda Balalaya, is a school with a difference.Founded by Ms. K.G. Meenakshi in 1996 and located at Adavathur Palayam Trichy with a branch at Ramalinga Nagar.

It’s probably the only school in Tamil Nadu which is 100% Inclusive with Normal Children, Differently Abled Children, Transgender and School Dropouts, Studying together in Harmony and finding their respective path in education.

Late Ms. Meenakshi, an educationalist strongly believed in following four cardinal Principles in Education.

                a. 100% Stress Free Education

                b. Value Based Education

                c. Holistic Education &

                d. Education to All.

In Sri Sivananda Balalaya, no one is denied admission. Here children of all categories, be it normal, MR, Autistic, ADHD, Down Syndrome, Transgender or School Dropouts have a space and can study together in great harmony, with great tolerance, empathy and compassion in dignity.

The school has all the three Affiliations namely CBSE, State Board, Open Basic Education / NIOS. The curriculum is structured to allow every child to blossom based on each child’s capability and interest. Its ensured that no child is put through stress what so ever. The program is designed in a very child friendly atmosphere.

Upto class 4 there are No Exams, No Marks, No Home Works or No Structures. Education is imparted through activities, projects, worksheets, field trips, extra curriculum and applied curriculum. Its Holistic and not narrowed to only text book curriculum.

Great emphasis is laid on Teaching & Values like Tolerance, Empathy, Comparison Hard Work, Sincerity, Loyalty and Integrity. With the sole purpose of grooming children to become good human beings.

The morning prayers every day, is for 20 minutes. It’s the care essence of Sri Sivananda Balalaya. The first 5 minutes is devoted to prayers. Every day, we have a prayer from a different religion. On Mondays, is the school sing, Tamil Thai Vazthu and National Anthem.

On Tuesday it’s the Hindu Slokas, On Wednesday its Christian. On Thursday its Yoga, on Friday its Islam and on Saturday its Meditation.

It is followed by 5 minutes of Thirukural recitation by a child and followed by another child with News and the last 5 minutes is devoted to warming up exercises. All this is done class wise so that maximum children can participate and it inculcates tolerance, knowledge on Thirukural, helps in public speaking and nurtures your body and mind.

The Educational pattern in Sri Sivananda Balalaya is a perfect mix of yesteryears Gurukulam and to days modern education system. We take great pride in providing 100% stress Free Education to children.

Upto class 4 its play by method and beyond class 4 children are eased into boards  based on each child’s capability interest and potential. The School counsels the child every year from class 5 to class 9 based on his her performance. The School    allows the child to choose his / her choice subjects so that the child does not have a stressful education. The school provides opportunities for the child to choose their subjects based on their choice and we allow the child to blossom to compete their class 12 either in anyone of the three boards.

The Differently Abled Children are put through and Inclusive Education Program. they start from a 100% special class i.e. 5 to 6 children under are Special Educator and gradually ore through various stages of Inclusiveness. They start with joining other children in common assembles and activities. Then in all out door activities, and then in all sporting activities. As they show promise, they join regular classes on specific subjects till the management feels they can move into 100% inclusiveness and sit through regular classes in all subjects. Sri Sivananda Balalaya has a success rate of almost 25% of these children getting into 100% inclusiveness and sit through regular classes in all subjects. Sri Sivananda Balalaya has a success rate of almost 25% of these children getting into 100% Inclusiveness.

Children To fail to go beyond class 8 Re put through  2 years of vocational skill training in Hard skills and soft skills.

Vocational skills like Plastic Blow Moulding, Plastic Injection Moulding, Envelope Making, Paper plate Making, Paper cup Making, Screen Printing, Tailoring Mat Making, Xeroxing and ID card Printing in taught to them. These children an completion are capable of self employment. The Inclusive Program helps these children grow in self confidence thereby enabling thse children to deal with the outside world confidently.

As far as the normal kids, they learn two important values in life. Empathy and Companion. This whole process of allowing the children to chanceless their interest and strengths into education of their choice is what we call “Inward Blossoming”. Every child in allowed to blossom from within without being crushed  by the present schooling system.

As far as the Holistic Education is concerned, Sri Sivananda Balalaya is a School of Opportunities, Enabling Children to find their Path To Excellence.

Apart from the laid down curriculum, the school lays great emphasis on Application of Curriculum and extra Curriculum. Additional, Value added subjects like IT; Electronic & Value Education is there. In extra curriculum, there are various clubs like, Music, skating, Dramatics Dance, Media and Publication Chess Arts & Craft, Quiz & Karate. In addition every Saturday is declared and Activity Day where in children are taught about world affairs, Adoption of Villages for Swatch Bharat, Social Awareness Program, sports both Indoor and Outdoor including traditional sports like Palanguzhi, Pandi etc.

School also has Scouts and Guides as part of their curriculum. They are trained to win Raja Puraskar and Rashtrapati  Puraskar by the Scouts Captain.

Sri Sivananda Balalaya is probably the only school to have 7 subjects upto class 10. Apart from the 5 core subjects, the school has IT & Electronics as 2 additional subjects as part of their holistic programme. Open Basic Education (OBE) / NIOS also allows the children to choose their choice subjects like Mass Communication, Business Studies, Computer Science, IT , Fine Arts etc.

The school also has a dedicated vegetable garden a green house and vermiculture to educate children on the practical aspects of land preparation, green house technology, vermin composting and nurturing the growth of a plant.

Sri Sivananda Balalaya is one of the few schools in Trichy and TamilNadu to be selected by Niti Ayog for having a Tinkering Lab to nurture young scientists and encourage children into inventive thinking. We also have a kid’s lab to encourage young children to experiment.

Yoga and meditation is a part and parcel of our school. Its compulsory for all children to learn in order to take care of their body, sour and mind.

Sri Sivananda Balalaya is designed a school to provide Stress Free, Holistic Value Based Education to all. We take it upon ourselves to provide the opportunities to our children to pick and choose what they want and groom them to be good and capable citizens with high moral values. We allow each child to choose their path to Excellence.

The schools function under Swami Sivananda Vidya Samiti, a society dedicated for education. It has a unique program as ‘UMEED’ meaning“Hope’. This program sponsors children from poor background for education more than 60 children study under this programme. Also, all Differently abled Children get 50% scholarship from the Samiti.

A very unique school run by experienced educationalists and managed by an Ex Army General.