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Club Activites

Club Activities

A series of Club Activities to promote and cultivate the talents of students are conducted on Saturdays. Clubs are an integral part of Sri Sivananda, Balalaya’s holistic education and extra curriculum activities of children. Every Saturday, students are spared two periods past lunch to pursue their hobbies, likes, passion. There are about 18 clubs functioning in the school giving an opportunity for every child to develop their interests.

English Literary Club

In the English literary club, the children are trained to read, write and communicate in English with ease. They are encouraged to produce their own scripts, poems and stories.  The children follow the adage learning by doing. They practice and reform their writing and verbal skills with enjoyment. Skits and dramas.

Tamil literary club

This club initiates to create more spirit among the children about Tamil. They are encouraged and taught to create:

  • Compositions.
  • Poetry.
  • Extempore speeches.
  • Dramas focusing on social awareness.
  • Debates.

QUIZ and GK Club

This club creates awareness among students about the contemporary world and events of the past. The students enjoy and learn new information through the enlightening activities like quiz, puzzles, reading books and many more. The club aims to make learning a joy.

Hindi club

This club builds a passion for our National language, HINDI. They are taught to read, learn and speak in Hindi.

Maths club

Mathematics today takes a leading role in shaping the present generations towards higher learning. This club introduces the students to the wonderful applications of maths like:

  • Arithmetic computations.
  • Theory of numbers.
  • Algebraic applications.
  • Factorisations.
  • Simple quadratic equations.

Painting club

Painting is a silent poetry . This club provides our young artistic students a place to express themselves through different colours. They also learn various types of art like pencil shading, drawing, coloring, etc.

Craft club

Being creative is a way of life. Children are prone to be creative in mind and teaching them to use this in a good way will nourish them and their future.  Making craft will increase their sense of responsibility towards recycling and reusing garbage and make them understand it with the joyful process of making crafts.

Science club

Science is a way of thinking. In this club, the students are encouraged to experiment with science, observe and derive. They venture into the world of science and keep on discovering the wonders of it.

Music club

Music is the universal language of mankind. In this club, the students are given vocal training and form a band with various instrument players. They are given training and are encouraged to participate in various stages and concerts.

House keeping Club

Instilling the habit of responsibility and organising things in order should be inculcated in the young minds.

Media and Publication  Club                                                                                                          

Media is a powerful weapon for expression. This club is the index of the school.  The students are trained to write professionally and turn any information into written scripts. They visit various presentations and master the Art of Journalism. The club members collect and organise data and turn it into Articles, Invitations and Records.

Dance Club

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. In this club, students learn various forms of dance. They are introduced to new steps and are encouraged to create their own.  They are also encouraged to take part in many competitions.