Games and sports play an integral part of school curriculum. It constitutes an important role in a child’s physique.

Our school promotes games as a compulsory part of their education. The students are coached in sports like VOLLEYBALL, HANDBALL, KABADDI, and KHO-KHO. The playground consists of handball field, kho-kho ground, volleyball court and athletic training.



Our school has well equipped science (biology, physics and chemistry) and a computer lab. And also a kids lab which helps in the improvement of curious kids by providing practical knowledge.

Science Lab

We have a well-equipped laboratory which helps in enhancing the better understanding of science. With various apparatus, the science lab provides knowledgeable experience to the children. The motto of the lab is “learning by doing. It is a very spacious lab which provides:

  • Analysing skills
  • Critical thinking
  • Better understanding
  • Practical learning

Science lab
Maths Lab (Mathemagic)

This corner of the school is used to create an interest in students to learn maths in an easy way. Our mathematics laboratory is a place where students can experiment and explore patterns and ideas. As they say “Puzzle a Day Provides Practice That Pays”.

Kid’s Lab

This is the spot where children are exposed to the field of scientific world. They are taught many techniques, which would help them all along their life. They see, hear, smell, taste and feel many things which will kindle their curious minds.

Computer Lab

A well-equipped computer lab provided with about 20 computers and technical supports like Wifi with a speed of about 20 Mbps facilities to make learning beyond textbooks and creates interest to learn in young minds.


“There is no friend as loyal as a book”. The goal of our school library is to ensure that all members of the school community have equitable access “to books and reading, to information, technology”. Having about of 7500 book, which keeps to increase day by day.



There are 2 buses and four vans to provide comfortable and safe ride to the children. Transportation is provided within the city limits and its outskirts at nominal charges. There are experienced drivers who provide a safe journey following rules and regulations.


Digital classrooms

In this era of modern world, the children are also taught in a modern way. Every class is provided with a smart board which emphasizes innovative and visualized learning and makes students to understand complex concepts easily. Visualized learning enhances their listening and analyzing skills.



Spik and span toilets are maintained for boys and girls separately which are cleaned thrice a day to maintain hygiene.

First Aid Centre

Immediate medical attention is given in case of emergency. Dental and eye checkups are done regularly. Special attention is given in case of any illness.

Inter and Intra Communication

Separate whatsapp group are created for every class to enhance the communication between the teaching faculty and the parents to know about the day to day activities of their ward. Immediate messages can be conveyed through these groups.

Indoor Sports Complex

The Indoor Sports Complex consists of games like Table Tennis, Carom, Chess and other Traditional ones. It helps the children to discover their talents in those sports.

Indoor sports complex


The library is provided with a wifi connection and many E-Books. This helps the children to go beyond books and increases their knowledge.

RO water facilities

In our school RO systems are available to provide purified water to all the students. Each floor has separate RO facility.

The campus situated at Adavathur is in an area of about 3 acres of land which houses the school with all classes.