Inclusive Education Unit

Inclusive education unit is the flagship of Balalaya. It was introduced by Ms.Meenakshi before anyone could think of. Her belief on education to all led her to be a pioneer in this field. Till this day, ours is the only school having this inclusive education unit in the whole of Trichy. The objective of this unit is to provide education to all children who are suffering from learning disorders (AUTISM, ADHD and ADD). This unit has been lending its service since 2000. These children are mainstreamed into CBSE or Metric, up to secondary level.

Being on same campus, these children have a plenty of opportunities to mix and mingle freely with normal children. We have around 75 students in this unit. Real inclusion is implemented in this unit where the special children are exposed to the environment of a normal school. Occupational therapy and various other training like music yoga and dance therapy are also followed here. Integration leads to acceptance of the special children by the normal children and vice versa.