Teachers Ethos


  1. Be a mother/ father to your children in your class.
  2. Your priorities should be in order
    1. Children
    2. Parents of children
    3. Management
  3. Be child friendly
  4. Education should be holistic and value based include
    • Curriculum
    • Supplementary Curriculum (application of curriculum)
    • Extra Curriculum
  5. Teach children the value of Hard work, Sincerity, Loyalty, Integrity
  6. All teachers/class teachers must be in communication with all parents of the class at all times
  7. Be punctual to school and in class. Teach the value of time by setting an example
  8. Differentiate between education and knowledge. Gaining of knowledge is never ending while education is restricted to curriculum
  9. Be accountable for your children towards their behavior and academic work.
  10. Believe in stress free education and activity based education
  11. Do not be a 1990 teacher, teaching children of 2017 for 2027