• Apart from basic education SSB strongly believes in hands down practical training in vocational skills.
  • Hard skills and soft skills are a part of their education system.
  • SSB makes education FUN with practical application of what they are taught in classrooms.

Sri Sivanada Balalaya is probably the only school with inclusive education. SSB boasts of over 100 Differently Abled Children as part of their inclusive programme. SSB is managed by a Samiti which runs a Vocational Training Centre for School Dropouts, Unemployed and for Differently Abled Children who cannot pursue education beyond 8th Class.

The Centre has a Soft skill wing and a Hard skill wing. The Hard skill covers training in Blow Moulding, Paper Plate Making, Cup Making, Envelope Making & Basic Agriculture.  While the Soft kill covers training in Xeroxing, Lamination, Screen Printing, Tailoring, Weaving/Mat Making & Data Entry.

Learning Trade Skills at formative years goes a long way in children taking up self employment. Its a unique experiment which is the need of the hour. The training is structured to give an overall exposure to children on all types of vocational trades for a period of 8 to 10 months during the first years. In the second year the child can choose one or two trades to specialise in and he would be made an expert in his chosen trade.

The school will also walk an extra mile in facilitating the child in getting a bank loan to establish their own business to survive and grow. In effect differently abled children joining Sri Sivananda Balalaya would for the first 5 to 6 years are given education under Open Basic Education (OBE) and the next four years are exposed to vocational skills. By the time they write their VIII exams they are allowed to make a choice to continue their education upto XII in NIOS or State Board OR given vocational skills training for two more years to help them stand on their own feet.