Our Ethos


  1. We shall pray to god sincerely
  2. We will respect our elders
  3. We will talk politely to others
  4. We will think and act positively
  5. We will behave responsibly
  6. We will maintain discipline in the school
  7. We will be ‘In Total Silence’ in the absence of the teachers
  8. We will earn credit to our school by our good deeds
  9. We will help our friends whenever they are in need of help
  10. We will come to school on time
  11. We will keep our bags in order
  12. We will move quietly in the corridor
  13. We preserve our school property
  14. We will keep our campus clean to make Balalaya-‘A Real Paradise’
  15. We will form a line and move quietly whenever we assemble and disperse from a place