SSB Adavathur Campus

The campus situated at Adavathur is in an area of about 3 acres of land which houses the school with all classes. The campus is surrounded with rich green fields and provides a pollution free environment. The classes are spacious, airy with separate white boards and are well lighted. The play field is in an area of about 1 acre with handball, kho-kho and volley ball courts. The whole environment is quiet, peaceful and away from the din and bustles of the town and provides the right ambience for learning.

“Go Green” is the buzz word everywhere today. Everyone talks but the Balalayan Green Brigade Walks and Talks! As part of their green school project, many activities have been undertaken by us. The students are creating a vegetable garden where they learn to nurture plants – a handsome activity in gardening by children. Children planted saplings at nearby villages and also do weekly maintenance.

Solar light illuminates Sri Sivananda Balalaya. The crying need of the times is exploring alternative energy solutions and the clean and safe one is, going solar, so do we.

Pre Primary

We believe that maximum learning takes place in the first seven years of a person’s life. Since, young children have an inbuilt curiosity to explore, the learning skills are introduced not through drill, but through fun and exciting activities. Theme related activities are planned like songs, stories, rhymes and art and crafts. Frequent competitions are also incorporated. All major festivals are a source of leaning with fun.

Language development, concept formation, fine and gross motor development and creative thinking happen simultaneously through exploration and self-discovery.


We slowly introduce them to oxford curriculum and take them through it. The highly developing toddler brain is stimulated hands on activities, which can develop psychomotor skills. They begin to appreciate the importance of education and made aware of their potentials. They are guided by their teachers to explore and exploit in the right direction thus moving away from vulnerability and independence.

 Middle and Secondary

It’s here the children transit gradually from fun based learning to CBSE curriculum. So that by the time they come to X std the children are ready for board exams. Children are well nurtured in a manner that they become a well-rounded personality.

They are trained to be able to communicate well in English, Hindi and Tamil thereby preparing them to work anywhere around the globe. The motto they imbibe is “HARD WORK, SINCERITY, LOYALTY, INTEGRITY” to become good and capable human beings.